Patchouli Essential Oil

by Warehouse Beauty

The exotic fragrance of Patchouli instantly transports you to faraway lands - India, Indonesia and the Philippines, where the oil has been valued as a perfume for centuries. The leaves of the Patchouli bush are covered with tiny hairs, each carrying a microscopic globule of essential oil. If the leaves are rubbed, tiny amounts of the thick, dark brown oil are released onto the fingers.

Steam-distilled from the leaves, the aroma of Patchouli is rich, earthy, and woody with a nearly hidden fruity note. Because it is so powerful, only small amounts of the oil are required when making blends. Patchouli adds amazing richness to any aromatherapy treatment.

Patchouli thrives in tropical regions and can be found in Hawaii, regions of Asia and other tropical areas of the world.

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